Wet Palette

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I don´t have a pallette

Wet Palette

To keep your acrylic paint from drying out during a painting session you need a wet palette. There are commercial ones as well as one you can make from home. the choice is yours. The Sta Wet Pallette comes with a sponge and special paper. The container has a lid and keeps paint moist for weeks. Chezza b palettes are a handy size into which you put a wet sponge and some baking paper. Again the paint will keep. Make you own by selecting a flat airtight container, placing and appropriatelky sized sponge wrapped in baking paper in it. If you are in a hurry a styrofoam meat tray supporting a sponge with baking paper also works, but keeping the paint a few days is not possible without a container.
You can also wrap paper towel in a piece of baking paper envelope style. Make 20 of these ready in advance. When you are ready to use them just open one end of the envelop and pour water into it.
Finally again with a meat try, put a wet paper towel on it and pinch it up to form furrows (like a farmer would when planting seed) and put puddles of paintinto the furrows. These will keep the paint moist from the bottom and sides.
For all palette styles use a water mist spray bottle and lightly mist the paint from the top to keep it moist from the top.



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