The essential tool box

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What should I take to class?

The essential tool box

When you are heading off to class for the first time you will be struck with horror or excitement at what you see in the painters tool box. You do not have to have everything...even though now you have seen it Santa's wish list has run off the page! You should have the following basics, and anything else the place you are attending has asked you to bring along:
1. Protective clothing...a painting shirt or an apron. Doesn't matter what so long as it becomes your dedicated to painting wardrobe...or else there will be a whole robe full of 'painted' clothing!
2. Notebook, folder or plastic sleeve book. Chances are you will want to write stuff down, you will be given patterns and you need somewhere to put them. Oh and don't forget the pencil!
3. Old Towel. You will have to clean up your place after you. An old towel, laid down in your place makes this quick and easy. Pack it away and your space will be as clean as it was when you arrived. It also serves as a protective wrapping for the piece you are working on.
4. paper towel (Shop towel in the USA!!! oh if only it existed downunder!) Use good quality towel which is lint free...cheaper ones are harsh on brushes and leave lint behind. Even a nice absorbent cloth will do.
5. Flat plastic airtight container. This is for your pallette...the teacher will show you what they do...but you will need to keep paint active during class and maybe even take some home. There is a great pallette for this called the Chezza B on the market.
6. Empty film containers - also useful for leftover mixed paint.

Them to all this we add your brushes and paints if needed ...oh and your piece of course!



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