Studio policies

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What can I expect from a studio?

Studio policies

Class policies will vary from studio to studio and country to country...or event to event. Make an effort to find out what they are. They may include:
No refund on the deposit paid.
makeup lessons for absences being available or not available.
Requirement of 24 hurs notice for absences.
Bring your own everything, or please make use of studio paint etc.
Help yourself to paper towel or please pay for it.
Free tea coffee or an honor system
Bring your own mug or use these ones here.
Class time ends at 9.30 pm...and that means no lingering and chatting...or maybe you will be welcome to linger.
You must come prepared...sometimes there is a lot of prep on a piece to do before you get to a plan ahead to get the piece ready.
Some may let you bring pieces from home, others may insist you only work with pieces purchased at that studio.

The most important ones to keep an eye on of course are the financial ones...what happens if you can't come to a class you have booked and paid for.



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