Where to learn

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Where can I find a class?

Where to learn

So you want to know where to learn? Lets start local. Check your local newspaper, local phone books,community groups and council. Ask for classes in Folk Art, decorative art or Tole Painting. There are lots of artists out there who teach and class fees will vary depending on who the teacher is and where they are teaching. Once you have found out about these and checked them out the next step is the shops. Small art and craft shops and the bigger Craft stores. If they don't have classes they may well know who does. Finally get a magazine that focuses on folk art like the Australian Folk Ar and decorative Painting magazine. This has a store directory, teacher directory, lots of studio and mail order adds and supplier lists. Make a few phone call inquiries to find out what is near to you. Gather all the information and check them out. Compare prices and policies. Note: Take a note of the enrolment policies as these will vary too. Failing all this, there are some good books, videos and online lessons which will be coming to tips soon!



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