Tracing materials

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What do I need to trace designs with?

Tracing materials

First you need tracing paper. This can be the cheap lunchwrap type bought in the supermarket, or the more expensive type used by draughtsmen. I prefer the more expensive type, if nothing else but for the fact it is more durable. You trace the pattern onto this paper with a felt pen, biro or pencil. I prefer the felt pen as it is much easier to see in night time lighting. Finally you need something for transferring the design. there are several products on the market for this and the most common known are the graphite papers. Please do not use ordinary carbon copy paper. It will ruin your work. ou can however also use school chalk. Rub it on the back of the tracing.
Lay the tracing over the painting surface and hold it in place with a low tack sticking tape (Scotch magic Tape). Slide the graphite paper underneath if this is what you are using. Then used a pinyt but not sharp implement to trace over your line. This can be an old dried up pen, a stylus, or even a bamboo skewer. By fixing the tracing in place you can now lift and look to see where you have been with shifting the pattern.



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