Fitting Patterns

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What if the pattern doesn´t fit?

Fitting Patterns

Sometimes it is easy to discard a pattern because it doesn't fit. Aside from the enlarge and reduce functions you MAY be allaowed to use in copying a pattern, (Please respect copyright statements from patterns and books), you may find the shape is not quite right for the piece you want to put the pattern on. Trace it out, cut it into segment and play around with the segments on your surface. When you are happy with the layout, tape the bits together and trace the whole design on. I often do this and decide to do things like leave out a flower, place in an extra leaf or bud there, flip the tracing over so I am using a mirror image of the original. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you are pleased with the result. Patterns are guidelines are allowed to deviate from them and use only the bits that suit you.



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