Keeping Painted Fabric nice

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How do I keep fabric painting nice?

Keeping Painted Fabric nice

To keep your fabric painting as good as the day you painted it hand wash it. be gentle with it. I had a student who always wore handpainted windcheaters to class. they were immaculate, always clean and bright. I asked how she did that. How did she keep them nice. Her answer was that she handwashes them by first giving them a soak in warm water. Then a rinse in clean water. She ironed them too (more than I would do for a windcheater!) When it comes to my washing I always, (even if the label says handwash...'cos I forget to look) throw everything in the machine. My handpainted cushions don't look as good as her clothes I have learned the lesson once again. If it handpainted treat it with care. A hand wash in a mild laundry detergent should do the job.



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