Packing personals

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How do I pack for Convention?

Packing personals

So…count the days of absence. Enough clean underwear for each day and just one spare. Take clothing that is easily washable and not likely to crinkle. (Nobody wants to iron anyway!) You cut corners here by taking less and making the effort to rinse out clothing each day while you shower. It will dry in your room! Two sets of wash and wear clothes would easily see you through!

Toiletries can be reduced too. You only need enough shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc for a few days. Don't take the big bottles! Dispense an appropriate smaller amount into plastic containers. The same goes for medications and vitamins. Select a minimum range of makeup and Jewllery. Actually you may have a mountain of painted pins and badges you want to wear each day. Invest in a vest, pin them to the vest and make this your ‘convention uniform' outfit. Wear it on the plane too and from.

Manage your finances with a bum bag. That's Aussie for what some call a belly bag or money belt. Forget your handbag…another thing to tote around. You need cash, credit card and maybe your personals like your license. A small pack of pocket tissues will fit in there too. Remember I have already advised you leave the mobile phone at home! If you do want to carry more, get a back pack. This will leave your hands free and shoulders more comfortable. There are plenty of very light weight small ones on the market.

Leave your suitcase virtually empty! Pack your toiletries and clothes into a small carry on bag. Save the suitcase for the painting gear. Be sure to include enough pillow cases to wrap around your projects. Dress your brushes in soap or hairspray before you pack them. This will protect the bristles while travelling. There are a number of brush holders on the market. I suggest you look for one that has the brushes strapped in rather than loose and rolling around. Make sure you identify each and every thing you put in that case. Your name and address or contact details should be on every brush and gadget! Take your ID labels with you to put on anything you buy too!



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