Keep it handy

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What sorts of shelves should I put in my studio?

Keep it handy

Keep your workspace as a place where everything is handy by having a shelving unit built along the back of a workspace or store table. This unit is one which can hold paper, brushes, palettes, work in progress, often used references like colour charts and conversion guides, your currently in use patterns and magazines and all your gadgets. I have a bucket with tools like the screwdriver and pliers etc on one shelf, alongside this is the paper towel etc. Another small caddy carries the chalk pencils and the cotton tips. A container carries pre cut milk cartons for blending on. Some narrow slide out shelves hold the graphite paper, spare palette paper and tracing paper. Everything is in easy reach, and while I don't work at the table since it is in the corner, it is the hub of my painting and right near where I paint so I don't need to go far to get my materials. As a teacher it also stores materials related to my classes...incuding my attendence book!



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