Find a special place

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What sort of studio should I have?

Find a special place

Take a good look at your home and identify where your painting space will be. You need to make it your space, and make it special! Preferably, you will have an entire room to yourself that you can call your `Studio`. If not, make the kitchen table choice the very bottom of your list! Here are
some ideas:

*Revamp a closet or large cupboard (built in or free standing). Leave the upper shelves in tact and remove the lower ones. Have a `desktop` put in at the right height for you and your chair. Locate a nearby power point or have one fitted in or near the space for a light. With this system, when space is limited you can close the cupboard door on your painting when you
have to pack up, without really packing up! If you can, add a filing cabinet to one side...but be sure there is enough table top space for yourself and your work.

*There are on the market some great drop down/fold up work desks that can be installed on walls. One of these may be useful to you.

*If you have backyard space consider investing in a small tin shed. Have the floor concreted and power attached. Place a nice big old table in there, some shelving units and you could even go so far as to have cold water plumbed to it. If not, get a large water carrier with a tap on the bottom of it. Fill it with your garden hose when you need to replenish your water supply.

*If you really must use family space such as the dining room or kitchen, try to locate a painting store cupboard near this table so setting up and packing up doesn`t mean you are carting equipment from one end of your house to the other.

* If your space indoors is limited, consider a small shed or the corner of the family shed for storage of pieces waiting to be painted/sold etc.



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