Furnishing the studio

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What furniture should I have in the Studio?

Furnishing the studio

Your basic furnishing list should include

1. Solid table or desk.
2. Good lighting (Many in the USA recommend the `Ott Light`. If you are
Downunder, get a good lamp and use a daylight bulb or have fluorescent
light in the ceiling and once again choose `daylight` tubes.)
3. Hairdryer...a must for painters in a hurry!
4. Music machine - Radio or CD player.
5. Power point - at least a double. You will want to have your light and
hairdryer plugged in. If you like music, you will also need to be able to
plug in a source for that too.
6. Good chair with adjustable height. This is especially useful as the
height of your pieces varies! Please choose this very carefully. The chair
must fit you!
7. Shelving and or filing cabinets (Or filing crates) for your books and
patterns, work in progress etc.
8. Rubbish Bin



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