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How do I shop wisely?

Economical International shoppping

Submit an order for two or more of you. This way you keep the postage costs down and grab some bargains at the same time.

What makes a quality pattern packet?


Pattern Packets are one off patterns. They vary a lot in quality so here is what to look for:
1. A list of the packet contents
2. A viw of required materials.
3. A clear photo
4. A clear step by step worksheet.
5. Detailed instructions.
6. Conatct for the artist who created it in case you need help.

Where do I find supplies in Australia?

Shopping for folk art online in Australia

There are loads of places to shop in the USA and Canada, but Australian resources and sites are growing daily. Try shopping at one of the Australian sites listed under links in this catgeory, and if you don't come from Australia remember there are many good Australian books not readily available in the USA and canada so here is where you will find them!

Where can I shop for a bargain?

Bargain Hunting

If you are hunting for bargains give Ebay a go. Often you will find old books, discarded tools and paints up for sale as others try to unclutter their workspace. Some things you find here will be real gems.

Where do I find supplies in the UK?

Shopping in the UK

Take a little trip via the site Decorative Painting UK ( and click on the supplies link. This will help find some things local if you are local to the UK.

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