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How can I learn more?

get involved

When you join a club, you won't learn much by sitting back and watching and there is little satisfaction in doing so anyway. Remember that all clubs and societies survive on the fact that members actively contribute to their activities. Be sure to get involved! Attend meetings, contact members, volunteer for a job, get on the committee, attend the functions.

Is there a Society in New Zealand?

New Zealand

You will find Societies and guilds all over the world. Use this link for new Zealand information:

Where will I find a Guild or Society?


Britain has a great society BADFA and runs conventions and has a great online magazine. Check them out. To join:
The Membership Secretary,
6 Falcon Road,

What societies are in Canada?


As a C-DAN member you will:

receive 3 newsletters a year
have an opportunity to communicate through the newsletters
provide feedback to aid in developing programs to benefit members across the country
receive the Source Book of fellow artists, teachers, shops, studios, wood suppliers, wholesalers and pattern publishers
be a part of establishing, recording and collecting heritage decorative art
participate in C-DAN educational programs
promote decorative arts in Canada
exchange ideas with other artists across the country.

For more details go to the website listed under linksor email at

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