Picking the teacher

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What should I look for in a teacher?

Picking the teacher

Ok...so you want to know how to choose the best or right teacher. Well there are a lot of variables here and your number one priority should be to in the long term learn from more than one teacher! The other issue is that many painters become teachers with little or no teaching experience. Some are very good at it regardless and some struggle to really satisfy student needs. On the other hand there are great teachers who perhaps don't paint as well as they teach. So...what do you do?
1. Meet prospective teachers, view their work, talk with them and ask questions.
2. how long have they been painting/teaching?
3. Who have they learned from...what is their painting background?
4. Ask them about their program...do they have structured classes and set projects or do they offer you freedom to develop at your own pace?

With all this question and answer now you tell them what you are hoping to achieve...let them know where you are coming from and note how they respond to that. If they are being rigid about your needs then your time with them may be short.

IMHO you need teachers who have the skills to teach...to move around the classroom, help and communicate the techniques through demonstration of techniques. Someone who can paint delightfully may not be the teacher for you. You also need to feel comfortable with the teacher...are you feeling welcomed and comfortable dealing with them. Finally, as I said in the beginning...don't choose to have only one teacher...go to classes with many!



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