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What should I expect from a class?


Your behaviour in class is important.
Be on time.
Cancel well ahead of time if you are in the position of having to do so.
Give the teacher your full attention when requested...brushes Down!
Socialise...but don't turn the gathering into a party!
Don't be the teacher! Much and all as you feel you could help the person next to you encourage them to seek out the help of the teacher. That's what the teacher is paid to do.
Ask for clarification if you are unsure. You should be able to get some individual pointers from the teacher. If this means getting out of your chair and going up to them then do so. Avoid calling out and doing the sorts of things our kids are expected not to do in class at school.
Keep on task. Some students delight in stories from the teacher, but often in engaging the teacher this way they help to drag the teacher off task. Others may be ready to move on...
Talking of moving on some are faster than be patient if you are waiting for the group to catch up and be patient with yourself if you are one of the slow ones. If possible and if necessary take a break, make some notes and jump to catch up if you can, coming back to that bit later. This is not always possible, but don't engage in a race with other students. This problem can often be avoided by not setting your self expectations too high.
If you are seeking autographs from the teacher, photos etc...please ask first! Be prepared for no as an answer too.
At the end of the class give a nice thankyou!



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