Selecting Classes

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What are big Conventions like?

Selecting Classes

Class selection can be a daunting task but it need not be if you follow some basic criteria. First, see the trip as a financial investment so you are going to learn. Choose classes dealing with subjects, tchniques or styles you have not done before. Secondly, you need to be able to transport pieces, so be sure you keep in mind your ability to travel with large items. next you might consider he cost of the piece. Is it within your budget? next on the list might be the teaching artist. What is their reputation for delivering quality classes? (generally the selection process of the organisers will help with this one) Finally you might consider what you will do with the piece once it is you have a place for it at home or will it become a gift for someone? Run through the list of options many times before making your final selection, and remember that the pisture you see often do not do justice to the actual pice in real life. Finally, that piece that you don'y like very much could in fact be the best piece of learning you do, so look for what you will learn from rather than just what you like.



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