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What are big Conventions like?


When you pack to go away for a weekend painting keep you personals to a minimum and your supplies to what is needed. A small bag should provide you with enough underwear and changes of clothes suitable for painting and your personal items. A larger bag will do for the painting gear. A very large bag would manage both, but make life a bit difficult for traversing from accomodation to class. So...plan on two bags. The painting bag needs to carry your brushes and supplies as required by the class you attend and your piece. eventually it shold carry all your gear home for you too. I have seen some innovative transports for portable studios. The best I think is the suitcase on wheels with a pull handle. You can build a wooden framework of shelves into this and have a little office of brushes, graphite, paint etc. Make sure there are some old pillow slips in their to protect your projects in travel too.



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