Air Dry Perm Enamel Surface Conditioner

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How do I prepare glass and plastic for painting?

Air Dry Perm Enamel Surface Conditioner

Is the little bottle of "surface conditioner" just alcohol???? No it is not: Here is what Nancy has to say:

"The Surface Conditioner is NOT just alcohol - if it were, there would be nothing to bond the paint to the glass. However, the bonding agents are suspended in a fine grade alcohol. When this product is used on a clear glass one can see that they are there for there is a film or haze left on the glass when the alcohol evaporates. This film is not to be wiped or washed away as it must be *sandwiched* between the glass and paint. Also, it has a life of 4 hours so the painting/glazeing must be completed within that time frame or the SC has to be brushed on the surface again."



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