packing your tools and equipment

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How do I pack for Convention?

packing your tools and equipment

Leave your suitcase virtually empty! Pack your toiletries and clothes into a small carry on bag. Save the suitcase for the painting gear. Be sure to include enough pillow cases to wrap around your projects. Dress your brushes in soap or hairspray before you pack them. This will protect the bristles while travelling. There are a number of brush holders on the market. Check the link below to choose one you like. I suggest you look for one that has the brushes strapped in rather than loose and rolling around. Make sure you identify each and every thing you put in that case. Your name and address or contact details should be on every brush and gadget! Take your ID labels with you to put on anything you buy too!

Think compact again when packing your supplies. There are lots of people and not a lot of painting space between each painter. Don't take the whole roll of paper towel…take 6 sheets for each class. Don't take a big premier wet palette. Take the Painters pal or handy palette. You should not need any paint. Most of this is supplied at the convention.



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