Getting it home

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What are big Conventions like?

Getting it home

What if the item(s) you buy is too big, too heavy, too much for you to fit into your case to get home? We need a plan here! OK…some conventions offer a shipping booth, some suppliers will be able to send you your purchases, and hotels will most likely arrange shipping for you. These are all quite expensive alternatives. You could do your own mailing if you have the time and find yourself able to locate postal services you usually use. If this is the case, and will be your choice, be sure to take in your suitcase a cardboard box folded flat, labeled and ready to send home. Now when it comes to what to put in it…remember the things you think you can do away with…post home your dirty clothes in a bag, add to that completed rolls of film that need developing, a couple of those items you really didn't need to bring anyway and anything you are finished with. Use this box for something you can't fit in your case or carry on the plane and tuck these other smaller items in and around it. When it comes to using the shipping services…be very wary! I have heard consistently they are quite expensive. So…remember what I have said at the outset…pack the bare minimum leaving plenty of room for your paintings and purchases!



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