Christmas back in the hotel room

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What are big Conventions like?

Christmas back in the hotel room have had a great time shopping! Show and tell time. It's just like christmas when you get back and sort through all the things your bought. When it is all over, and you are back in your room label your purchases as soon as possible. Show and tell can get confusing and if you happen to get things mixed up it can be returned to you. If you are on a budget, be sure to keep a record of what you spend each day. Collect all your receipts together and don't forget the odd coke or coffee you bought too!

Now you are resting those weary feet and want to take a moment to look over your purchase, and you're your nose into the books. Hotel room lighting does not cater well for reading or painting and often there is no spare power point either. Consider taking along a snake light. These are quite flexible, bright and very portable!



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