What is Acrylic paint?

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What are acrylic paints?

What is Acrylic paint?

What is acrylic paint? How is it made? Essentially acrylic paint consists of a binder and Pigment. The binder is an Acrylic polymer emulsion (made from acrylic resins). It is the binder that gives the paint its handling and durability characteristics. High quality acrylic resin is a necessary component of high quality acrylic polymer emulsion. Pigments are
dry, powdery materials that do not dissolve, but remain suspended when mixed with acrylic polymer emulsion. They are organic, inorganic, natural and synthetic. they won't stick to a surface by themselves. The binder is necessary to adhere pigments to a painting surface and dry as a paint film.
For more information and grpahic diagrams to show the chemisty of the paint go to http://www.liquitex.com/aboutus/whatisit.cfm



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