Keep a record of your paint

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How can I keep track of my paint?

Keep a record of your paint

There is nothing worse than shopping for paint than to come home and find you already have it! Here is what to do:
1. No matter what brand or brands you use be sure to have a current colour chart for each of them. You supplier should be able to give you one free of charge. Tick off every paint you have. Keep it handy to your studio workspace. When you decide on using a pattern, check to see if you have the paint (Or an alternative using a colour conversion guide). If not, pop it on your shopping list. If you are heading for a general shopping spree somewhere be sure to take along those colour charts so you don't buy paint you already have.
2. If you are computer happy, get the paint module of the Decorative Painters Data Base and keep an inventory of your paint. Go to and click on or scroll down to a description of the paint module.
3. If you use Deco Art brand you can download a complete inventory list of all their paint from their site.



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