Make a shed

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How can I store so much stuff?

Make a shed

One of the best solutions for storage is to have a small shed or shed space. In Australia we don't have basements, but we do have verandahs and pergolas. I had a fernery down the side of my house which wasn't doing much. There was a roof and a wall frame there. So we scouted around and got some second hand tin for walls and roof, put up some spouting and laid a gravel floor. Voila...a 10 meter long space about 2 meters wide has become my shed! It is furnished with all manner of make shift shelving, old cupboards and drawer units and even an old trough with cold running water for washing up the brushes. It is a dry storage place and keeps my studio free of clutter. Have a look around your place. Is there a place you can put a wall and roof on to turn into a shed? Use plastic sheeting for the roof to give you lots of light in the daytime.



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