A recipe for book storage

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How can I organise my books?

A recipe for book storage

Ok…forget counting them..that is pointless (and frightening!) Lets tackle this problem logically.
1. Clear the decks and make way for piles of books! Make a list of categories for your books that suit your tastes and interest. Write each category name onto a scrap of paper and give it a place on the table for that pile of books.

2. Here are my categories: Australian, Animals/Farm, Country, Faces and portraits, Flat brush, Round brush, Colour and reference, Design ideas,
beginners, faux finishes, multiloading, Floral focus, Still life and Trompe, Roses, Jo Sonja (yep a whole box by just one artist) traditional (in three boxes…one is purely Zhostovo) Make up your own to suit your

3. Go through each of your book and place them into the appropriate pile.
As you do this, you might find some categories so big that you need to break them down a bit. You might have a particular favourite author or style so give them their own category. You may find it hard to resolve
which category to put a book into…consider what you use it for mostly, or what the favourite design is to help you decide. We won't lose track of
individual projects when we get to step six.

4. Buy some cardboard book holders. These are flat when you get them. Fold them into their appropriate shape following the directions, and add a bit of masking tape to secure them. Your books in a group will be heavy so don't be stingy here. By good quality book holders (even plastic ones if you
prefer) and secure them well. Use some laser or sticker labels to plant a label on the front of each one.

5. Label each box with a category, pop the books in. Books deserve to be upright on shelves, so organise a bookshelf of sorts. You can buy one or
make one. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just make sure the shelve depth and height are appropriate. Some of my ‘art' type books don't fit where my decorative painting publications do because the shelves are the smallest bit too small in height!



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