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painting borders, using arm and shoulder, not hand


Paint substitutions can be successful and can be utter failures. A good rule of thumb is to use the product that was required by the pattern. If you don't you risk something not working quite right. For example, Jo Sonja retarder and having trouble keeping a nice fine straight line? Keep this in mind...whenever you move your fingers you are pushing the brush in a downward direction, make the bristles flare out and the line get thick. To keep a fine line fine lock your fingers and hand in a firm position. Don't move them as you execute the stroke. Imagine they are like a robot arm if you will. Do all the movement from your shoulder and elbow. Try it now while you read this. Pick up a pen. Now freeze your fingers and wrist. Touch the pen to the surface of some paper. Now draw a circle shape using only your elbow and shoulder as your moving parts. Your hand will go around and so will your fingers, but the pen is in the exact same position it up and down movement, no sideways movement. It is locked within your fingers. Now try it with a brush!



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